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Examples: Extreme Pagination (Fast Forward or Fast Rewind)


Let's say you are searching for "earth" in google images


Google search for Images of earth

Considering the number of search results found, what if you are curious about forwarding through the result set

Google pagination

Let's say it seems all the images are similar and you're curious about deeper results, but you didn't want to simply forward to the next 10 pages in the search results.

The URL for the above google search is:

Google pagination

It turns out that the URL contains information on what page number you want to start the search results. What if you could fast forward through the results by manipulating the URL?

Through URLParser.com it would be easier to parse and edit the URL for the above "earth" search example which you notice contains the following:

search results URL with key start

Changing the value for the "start" key from 20 to 600:

search results URL with key start

You'll see it automatically changing the URL as follows:

search results URL with key start

Clicking on the modified URL takes you to page 31 of the search results.



Watch this video for a quick demo of what you can do with URL Parser:



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This website allows you to easily tap into the power of manipulating a URL without having to be a programmer! Even for a seasoned developer who knows how to work with a URL using various resources (For example, In PHP: parse_url, urldecode, and urlencode. In Javascipt: decodeURI. In Java: URLDecoder), this website allows one to easily parse, decode, and edit the information contained in a URL.
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