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Install Firefox Add-On:

If you use Firefox, here is an Add-On that allows you to easily parse and edit the URL using URLParser.com. The end result is that there'll be a small icon at the edge of the browser's address bar as shown below.


Any time you're on a web page, you can click on the URLParser icon and it will take you to editing the URL of the current page you're on. Also, any time you use the context menu on a link, you will find an entry for parsing the URL of that link as shown below:


One Time Setup:
If you are not using Firefox you may use the bookmarklet method instead.

URL Parser Add-on Install URL Parser from Mozilla Add-ons

If you get a warning that "Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install...", please click Allow.


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Watch this video for a quick demo of what you can do with URL Parser:



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This website allows you to easily tap into the power of manipulating a URL without having to be a programmer! Even for a seasoned developer who knows how to work with a URL using various resources (For example, In PHP: parse_url, urldecode, and urlencode. In Javascipt: decodeURI. In Java: URLDecoder), this website allows one to easily parse, decode, and edit the information contained in a URL.
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